September 6, 2012

Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

I saw this picture on pinterest and just knew that these glasses HAD to make an appearance at our high school weekend at the lake:
Her directions are super easy to follow but like a good crafty blogger who is addicted to instagram I took my own pictures too.
I got all of my supplies together. I bought new mason jars (thankfully it's canning season and everyone is doing mason jar crafts now so the jars are super easy to find), and washed them out. I bought size 14 finishing washers- the small rings. They were fine for the disposable straws that we used with them but too small for the resuable straws that I found at Target. Then I used a hammer and nail to poke a hole in each lid since I don't have a fancy hole puncher like the original blogger does.
Then I remembered that I had chalkboard spray paint left over from another craft (which will make an appearance again soon!) and decided to take the glasses up a step...
I spray painted each lid so that we could write our names on the glasses so that no matter what time of day it was we would know which glass belonged to which person.
If I do this again I will "rough up" the lids with sand paper first- the chalkboard paint scratched really easily.
After the lids were dry I punched some holes in each one with a nail. One or two hits and they were thro. But each one needed about 6 holes to have a big enough space for the straw.
The next few steps were hard to take pictures of because I was home by myself.
First I used my wire cutters to cut out all of the little pieces inbetween my nail holes to make them into circles. This is that part where I scratched some of the paint off of the lids.
Then I filled the finishing washers with hot glue and glued them onto the top and the bottom of the circles to protect the straws. If I do this again I will use super glue instead- the hot glue had a hard time holding. Not sure if that was because of the paint or the lid. But I had to fix most of the glasses over the course of the weekend.
Then add your straw and you're done!
A bunch of them ready to go to the lake!!
They were a huge hit! As was high school friend weekend version 2.0.
My glass in action :)
So easy and so cute! I love these glasses!
Love, Mrs. K

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  1. I've seen that on Pinterest but have not yet had a good occasion to use them. They look great!