September 25, 2012

closet challenge/what i wore

hey friends! back for another round of my closet challenge and this week i actually wore clothes that haven't seen the outside of my closet in a looong time!! i'm also linking up with lindsy from the pleated poppy for a little 'what i wore' wednesday!!

last Wednesday, it was the 1st night of confirmation at church so we had our parent orientation and our first class time:
the dress is from wal*mart last spring. i really like it but it's just a few inches too short. i've thought about adding fabric to the bottom of it but i can't decide what color to add.
pink t: vanity (probs 5 years ago!!), necklace: vintage wanna bee, sandals: target, last summer
then i added the scarf & jean jacket cuz it's been kinda chilly up here in northern mn
scarf: american eagle, jean jacket: vanity (when i was a senior in high school!)
make a change t shirt: the lovely rachel kurtz. she's my friend. she loves jesus. and she has an amazing voice. she helped write the theme song for this year's ELCA national youth gathering. you can listen to it on her website, it's call "Make A Difference" and it's beautiful.
side note- one day when i was wearing this two random guys give me the change from their pockets becuase they thought my shirt just said make change :)
cardi: target, skirt: vanity, leggins: wal*mart (so nice- they aren't super thin), boots: payless, leg warmers: sleeves from an old sweater, yup, you read that right.
loved this outfit- super comfy
friday & saturday were cleaning days for me. friday i tackled my office and saturday i did some stuff around the hosue so it was black yoga pants & sweatshirts for me.
cardi: target, flower pins: made by me, black t: JCP, jeans: target, shoes: kmart (fake out toms, this time they're black & sparkely!)
this was a good church outfit because i have to sit down on the floor when i give my children's sermons and i run around a lot on sunday morning.
but the knock off toms from kmart need to be broken in! they hurt my feet while i was still at home so i had to change my shoes:
trusty pink sandals from target :) but it was a chilly walk to church! there were frost crystals on some blades of grass! 
sunday after church:
had to support my mn vikings!!
by the way- what is up with the replacement refs? they are terrible!!
this was a challenge outfit for me for sure!!
sweater: vanity (last winter? two winters ago?), gray t: old navy, white jeans: no idea... the tag in the back says dollhouse jeans, boots: payless
i fell in love with this sweater in the store but i'm just never really sure what to wear it with.
and the jeans. ugh. i like them but they are so low rise that every time i move i feel like you can see my crack. and they aren't really skinny enough to fit in my boots, and they aren't really long enough to be jeans or short enough to be capris. i'm really not sure if they're worth keeping.
side note- i have made a list of things that i would like to add to my closet, and if i find something on that list for a good deal i'll get it but i'm not letting myself just go shopping. that list includes: white skinnies, dark or regular blue skinnies (i'm jumping on the band wangon a little late), a brown leather jacket (fake leather), a navy blue short blazer, a leopard or cheeta scarf, and brown/gold aviators.
i love this outfit!
jean jacket: old navy; purple shirt: old navy, pink tank top: old navy, necklace: vintage wanna bee, jeans: american eagle, shoes: glow by jlo for kmart
the purple shirt is plaid, it's just hard to tell in this pic. i'm not going to lie- this morning i really just wanted to put on jeans and a sweatshirt and call it good. but because of the challenge and sharing my outfits i knew i had to put something on :)
did you wear anything great this week?
love, mrs. k

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  1. Today I am wearing my favorite pink booties! I seriously look for any and every oppty to wear them - but I swear I work at a company where the women still think it's 1970 - and I go SOOOOOOOO many comments about them. It kills me.

    Love how colorful you are :) Love the transition of the maxi (with the jacket & scarf). And the Dollhouse jeans comments - crack showers - I SOOOO get that too. I hate high-waisted and end wearing the low-riders and worrying about hiking them up all day! LOL