September 13, 2012

weekend projects

well, sunday projects. we slept in on saturday, had french toast for brunch and then i went to work to try and catch up after being gone for two weeks. i am so excited to not have some where to go or something to pack for, i can finally put my suitcase away for a while :)

anyway... sunday projects. the mr put fishing line in his two new fishing rods. yes, two new rods. thank goodness for end of the season sales- boyfriend knows how to bargin shop. he got a $96 rod for $35, say what?! way to go mr k! so i helped sting them. really all i did was hold the fishing line so that it didn't get tangled up. i think he gets a little frustrated with how little i know about fishing (and hunting for that matter), but i was willing to hold that line and i held it good :)

then i did this:
this is the bulletin board/command center in our kitchen (isn't that wall paper fabulous... gross). there wasn't reallyl anything wrong with the way that it was, it just wasn't super nice to look at. so i changed it. my only issue now is that it looks like "bliss" instead of "bills" if you look really quick at the bottom left corner. bills do not equal bliss in our house.
then i broke out the chalkboard spray paint and made this beauty:
because, let's be real, when you have chalkboard paint at your disposal- it begs to be used :) i hung this above our stove and it isn't really our menu for the coming days. it's a list of things that we have in the freezer in the basement, but somehow i thought the word menu would look better across the top :) this was really easy to make and i'm bummed that i didn't take better picutres for you. i bought the frame for $4 at wal*mart, took the glass out & spray painted the frame silver- it was gold & black. then i took the glass and spray painted it with the chalkboard paint. i bought 16 sticks of colored chalk at wal*mart for $0.47 to go with it, now i just need to figure out somewhere to store them :)
love, mrs. k

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  1. I would love to be organized (like you) - but it will never happen. Your boards are cute too - especially the chalk board - love that.

    I'm also jealous you have a freezer in your basement. For 15 years I've said we need one because our freezer is miniscule - we still don't have one :(