October 5, 2011

So What Wednesday!

It's already that time of week again! Go check out lifeafteridew.com to meet Shannon's 1st SWW guest poster & to see what everyone else is saying so what?! to this week!

Here's what I'm saying so what?! to:
*if I'm blogging from my phone again this week? I'm having issues withmy computer at work & I haven't turned my home computer on in probs a month!

*if I have to clean like a crazy woman tomorrow & Friday so m house is clean enough for all of my guests this weekend?

*if I could not find ANYTYING that I want to wear for my 1st bridal shower this weekend?

*if I'm super excited & kind of nervous at the same tine for said shower?

*if some bloggers annoy the crap out of me yet I continue to read their blogs?

*if I feel a little silly that I still don't know how to copy & paste on my phone?

*if I'm a freak about clean sheets? I love them so much & I sleep so much better on clean sheets!

*if something in my fridge made me gag this morning? When you only have to feed 1 things don't get used very quick!

*if I got to use my "new" name on something for the first time today & I got really excited about it? I even took a picture of the form?

What are you saying so what to this week?
Head on over to lifeafteridew.com to see what everyone else is so what-ing this week!

Love, a future Mrs.

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