October 31, 2011


No, I'm not hosting a giveaway but The Vintage Pearl and Scissors and a Whisk both are!

At The Vintage Pearl you can win a necklace of your choice in their new font- so cute! This is the one that I'd pick:
initial on a chain (hand stamped jewelry)
But I would get it with a k and an s for the future Mr and I :)

And at Scissors and a Whisk you can win earrings from Botny
Neon Hot Pink Brook Earrings
NEW DESIGN Shimmering Rosy Beige Bridal Brook Earrings
How cute are those?
I'm not sure how I did NOT know about this girl- she is from Fargo which is just 2 hours away from me and these are super cute and only $10!

Anywho, you should go check out both giveaways/shops!

Happy Monday!

Love, a future Mrs.

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