October 28, 2011

What a mess!

I feel like my life is a total mess right now! My house is a mess (seriously- the living room, my bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room), my car is a mess (inside & out), my office is a mess (it's a wonder that I can find anything), I feel like I'm a mess- I can't find anything. I was cleaning my house after work today and I found two bills on my table that are due on Nov. 1st, which is in 4 days. Ugh! That is not enough time to mail them a check! I'm so mad at myself that those got lost on my dining room table!! Thank God I was able to pay both bills online/over the phone without having to pay an extra service fee!!

Ugh! I can not wait until the wedding is over and things start to slow down! I'm sure that I will regret saying that! I am enjoying the planning but it's just making my life a little crazy right now.

If I could just get my house clean I think I would feel a lot better. I better go work on that before the future Mr gets here :)

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs

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