October 25, 2011

pet peevs & a creepy story

This is going to sound a little bit like a SWW post but it's not. These are some of my biggest pet peevs:

It drives me bananas when people use the automatic openers on doors that they are fully capeable of opening with their hands and arms. The kids at church think it is so funny/cool to open doors this way. I hate it because the door stays open forever and cold air comes rushing in. I also hate it because things get broken and worn out when they are used that often, and I would hate for the door to be broken when someone actually needed it (an older person, a mom with a baby, me when I have to buy groceries for the pancake breakfast).

I get so annoyed when people are walking in front of me and they just stop. Maybe their phone rang, maybe they saw someone they know, maybe they forgot something. If you're stopping to talk to someone please move over to the side of the hallway/walkway. If you forgot something and you need to go back the other way please say excuse me. Don't just stop and rummage through your bag.

I don't like when store put their racks so close together that you can't get inbetween them. Don't you want me to buy things in your store?

I get a little road ragey when people aren't paying attention while they're driving and they miss an enitre cycle of the stop light. This seriously happened to me! The light turned green, she didn't move, it turned yellow, still sitting there, turned red, still didn't move. I waited patiently, I'm not a horn honker, I just sit in my car with my windows up and say things when people can't hear me :) She then got out of her car and told me that she was having car issues and she couldn't move. Ok. I felt bad that I had assumed she wasn't paying attention. My ragey-ness then switched to the big truck behind me that was right up on the back of my car and honking like there was no tomorrow. I have him the evil eye as he drove around me but I don't think he saw me.

I've worked in customer service in a few different capacities during my working life. I have been a bank teller, a waitress (at 2 different resturants), and I worked at The Children's Place. But I still get annoyed when people work in those jobs and they aren't good at them. I understand that it gets busy and you have htings to take care of, but you should never ignor or neglect a table when you are a waitress, and you should always at least try to force a smile when you work in retail. Come on!!

Sorry! I know I sound like a whiner & a complainer, I promise I'm not!!


In other news: when I got back to my house yesterday from my parents I had a weird feeling that someone had been in my house. I looked around and all of the big things were there, it didn't seem like anything had been moved, and both doors were locked so I brushed off my feeling and came back to work after lunch. Then after work I went to the volleyball game at the high school. After that I looked for jobs for the future mr read the newspaper. Then I was going to get ready for bed. As I was walking for the living room into my bedroom I looked to my left, into the hallway area and I noticed that the closet door was shut. I never shut the closet door. Then I went into my bedroom and noticed that the pea coat I bought to wear with my dress for the wedding was laying on my bed and not hanging in the closet in the hallway. Creepy! I hung it back up and noticed that all of the other hangers in the closet (there were empty before this weekend) were backwards on the closet rod, like the top part that goes over the rod was facing the wrong way. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and the toilet seat was up like a boy had gone potty!! The future Mr hasn't been at my house in weeks, in face no boy has been to my house in weeks. At this point I was really creeped out.

As I was brushing my teeth in dawned on me that the electrican had called me on Friday morning to see if the could come fix the light in the closet in the hallway. I told them that I was out of town but they could call my landlady to see if she would let them in. I check that light as soon as I was done brushing my teeth and sure enough- the light works. Thank God! I was so relieved that a stranger wasn't in my house for no apparent reason.

And to think, I don't even like Halloween or scary stories :)

Thanks for your kind comments yesterday- I really appreciate it!
Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs

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  1. OMG you had me really freaked out there for a second!!!! I would have been horrified LOL Thank the lord it wasn't anything serious!