April 8, 2011


Yes, I know that today is Friday but yesterday was a great day so I'm going to talk about it.

First, I was facebook stalking my friend Laura who moved from my nothern town to the twin cities last month and I saw that she was on her way back to my town for a visit!! So I text her and told her that we had to get together. So much fun! We went out for a drink and met up with a few of her other friends then we went back to my house for some wine. It was so nice to catch up on life, to hear about her new house, how her kids are adjusting, and how happy they all are to be back in the same house.

Second, I had a post prom meeting yesterday. We went to Sears and found a mini fridge to give away as a prize at our party for $90!! So we're getting two. Cuz we're cool like that.

Third, we had new member orientation at church last night. Normally this is a bore and I don't like coming to it. But last night there was a couple that came to the orientation that are just like my future Mr and I!! They are getting married in Dec., she has lived here for less then 3 years, he works construction, he's an outdoorsy guy. I think we need to be friends with them. I intent on telling them that on Sunday in church. Hopefully they want to be friends. I need friends here, I'm lonely.

And finally, I started working my my earring for the wedding. I made earring for my b-maids, flower girl, and both mothers but I can't decide if I want to wear them too or if I want to make something else.
I was inspired by these earrings from The Vintage Pearl
pearl cluster earrings Product Image
PS- they're doing a great giveaway over at their blog- go check it out!!
This is how my first attempt at her earrings turned out.
I say my first attempt because I only made 1 earring and I think I figured out how she made hers so I'm going to try making them a different way.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

These are the earrings that I made for my b-maids, flower girl, and mothers. I really like them. I wore a pair one day and I got lots of compliments on them. But I need to get those clear backers for dangly earrings cuz I had to keep making sure that these stayed in my ears and I don't want my girls to have to worry about their earrings all day.
This is just another shot of their earrings. I kept playing around with where in the room I wanted the earrings and what angle I want to photograph them from. Deep down inside I wish I could take beautiful pictures but I just don't think it's one of my gifts.
And yes, that bucket is filled with coffee beans.
This is what it normally looks like:
It holds pens on my desk that look like flowers. It's just so much prettier then a regular old pen cup. The coffee beans help that "flowers" stand up since I don't have/need enought of them to fill up the bucket.

Well, off to the bridal shop here in my nothern town to try on dresses with Molly. See if I can find anything that rivals the AE dress that I'm in love with. The bridal shop here in town has the Disney collection by ... I'm spacing on the designers name but I've been looking at these dresses and I really like them. So hopefully they'll have one that I can try one.

Have a great weekend!

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