April 11, 2011

Domestic Diva

I was a domestic diva all weekend! Here's the proof:

I made beer bread- it was so yummie that the futrue Mr. and I couldn't even wait to take a bite until after I took the picture!
I made Easter cookies for the future Mr. to take in his lunches this week at work
I made an Easter card to go along with my gift for the Easter swap that I'm taking part in.
I also got her beautiful glass blown Easter eggs, an Easter egg filled with M & M's, Lindt truffle bugs- they're really cute, and I made her this:

I crocheted a flower for her that I'll affix to a bobby pin so she can wear it in her hair.
How cute is that?

I also added this sign to my fireplace area

I think it's really cute and it fits nicely with the rest of my living room
I made this on my cricut with vinyl. So it's like something from UpperCase living but not quite. It cost a lot less and it isn't a straight/perfect. I didn't realize that you had to buy the sticky paper that you use to put it on the wall seperate so I had to do each letter individually. That's why it's a littly wonky. I still like it. It's on the same wall in my bedroom as my mirror.

And I changed over to my "summer" bedding. I use the word summer losely. Because (a) it isn't summer yet. And (b) it's actually warmer then my "winter" bedding but it just looks more summer-y.

And my other project is one that you are looking at right now! I changed my blog backround and header. So now you are getting notes from a future mrs. on a beautiful lovey dovey backround! I'm so proud of myself!! I hope you like it.

And I hope you're having a great day!

Love, a future mrs.

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