April 28, 2011

Dear Old Navy (again),

You made my day yesterday! I got my dress and shirts in the mail that I ordered from Old Navy and the jacket that I ordered from Alloy for our wedding :) Yay!!!

So without further ado, here are my new clothes!!
Here's the dress that I ordered and it will be great for summer weddings and graduations.
There are ruffles on the v neck but you can't really see them in this picture

Just to jog your memory, this is the outfit that I really loved from ON and was trying to re-create:
I ordered a different coral t shirt and a gray tank top that I found in the sale section and paired them with a jacket I already own and this is the result:
I think I got pretty close! I have a patterened pink scarf that I could add if I wanted to get even closer and I have tan flats.
I'm wearing this today, but with my favorite brown sandals.
Here is the jacket from Alloy.com that I'll wear to the wedding. Some of the reviews on Alloy said that this jacket ran small, so I ordered up a size. It's probably a good thing that I went up a size (although it pains me to look at the size tag) but it feels really box-y to me. So I think I'll take it to Kari, the woman who made my senior year prom dress, and see if she can pull it in a little. I just don't like that it looks like it goes straight down from the arm pit to the hem. I want it to come in a little bit and conform to me.

And here are my purchases from last weekend when the future Mr. and I went shopping in GF:

These shirts are from Old Navy. They're the same except for the color/pattern. The purple one is plaid and the pink one has stripes. I like them. They're light weight and will be comfortable this summer.

And this is my Easter dress that I got at Gordmann's. I think it's my favorite out of all my recent purchases (not counting my wedding dress). I got the sales girl to discount it because the zipper is broken. It's stuck in one spot, about 2 inches down from the top of the zipper. And in one spot (in the same area) the zipper is pulling away from the dress. Again, I'll see if Kari can fix it :) Since the zipper doesn't work properly and it was Easter I wore my light blue jean jacket with it. This dress will be good for summer weddings too.

I had 16 senior high kids come to youth group last night! I felt like I was at the circus!! That is the most kids I've ever had come to youth group and they were crazy last night. And they wanted to play hide-n-seek tag. Which is a combo of both games where you hide until someone finds you and then you have to run cuz their goal is to tag you. I hate this game. With a passion. But they were driving me crazy last night so I gave in and let them play.

This morning the youth director from another church in town called me because we're suppose to plan the baccalauret service together. The only baccalauret I have ever been to was the one my college had for our graduation. I have no idea what to do. And she's from this church in town that has a very active youth group, they have lots of kids, and they talk about God a lot. I know that we do too. We have Bible study, and talk about faith issues, but I don't think I could tell you where any of my seniors are in their walk with God. Somedays I don't know if I could tell you where I am in my walk with God. This makes me feel like I'm failing at my job. Anyway, they have already talked about baccalauret at staff meetings and they have had meetings with their juniors and seniors to start planning this worship service. Umm... Hello? Shouldn't our church be in on the planning too? Then at the end of our conversation she dropped a bomb on me and told me that the service isn't on Wednesday night at 7:30 like I thought it was, oh no, it's at 4 in the afternoon on Sunday. The same Sunday that I will be in Missouri for my cousin's high school graduation. Sorry, I won't be at baccalauret here in this northern town.

Fun fun. Oh the life of a youth director :)

I hope you're having a great day!

Love, a future Mrs.

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  1. I really like that black and white dress. It looks great on you.