April 6, 2011


My future Mr. got me a cricut for Christmas. They were way on sale on Black Friday and I basically told him that if he didn't get it for my for Christmas I was going to buy it for myself. He hates when I do that because he likes to suprize me. He's so cute.

Anyway, he got me this cricut and last night was the FIRST time I used. I'm a terrible fiance I know! But I feel like I just haven't had the time yet. But the future Mr.'s brother turns 22 on Friday so I thought I would make him a card. And I'm in love with this machine. I just need to figure out everything about it!!
There it is! My cricut!! Making it's first cut

The first cut didn't go so well :(
I couldn't figure out how to move the needle over to start a new cut. I had to call my scrapping friend Cammy and ask her. Now we're going to have a scrapping date/Cricut lesson!
It went much better cutting out "happy birthday" the second time- after I had talked to Cammy
Here's the outside of Brandon's birthday card- everything was cut out on the Cricut. I learned how to move the needle and how to adjust the size of the shape!!
I used Elmer's school glue to adhere everything to the card. I'll have to get the little thing that you put your letters and shapes through to make them sticky on the back.
You scrappers know what I'm talking about!
And here's the inside of the card. The glue was still wet in this picture. So it looks white by the "forever young" cut out but it really isn't.

I put a little note on the back of the card where I asked if I could have the card back since it's the first one I've made. I'm such a dork. Hopefully he'll give it back! It would be cool to put the card in my scrapbook by all of these pictures!


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