April 5, 2011


This is my 60th post! How did that happen?!? Crazy!

I never did make it out of the house yesterday for a walk. I just had no abmition. But I did finish my taxes so they are ready to be mailed (finally!!) I painted my toenails, and my finger nails. I FINALLY got to talk to my future Mr. again! And I looked online for the perfect ivory pea coat to wear with my wedding dress since they're on sale right now.

And I think I found one:
This is from alloy.com and it's only $60! My only problem is that there was one review that said that she needed a sweater under it to feel warm and it leaves lint behind. Those are two things that I don't want to deal with. Grr... Maybe I'll have to go shopping in an actual store for one. I'm definately a person that likes to try things on first.
But I also found this dress on alloy.com that I'm tempted to buy:
I like this but I wouldn't get the belt because it comes in s/m and m/l which just isn't big enough for me. But I could probably find a belt at Maurices or somewhere that would work. But it's $47. I know this makes me sound cheap but I just can't get on board with spending $50 on a dress. But this is the 2nd or 3rd catalog that it's been in and I've loved it every time. So we'll see. Since they did tempt me with 15% off my enitre order. Hmm....

The other productive thing that I did yesterday was buy tickets for the future Mr. and I to go see Montgomery Gentry on Friday April 22nd at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen!! I'm so excited! I love going to concerts with him. I'm sure the concert will be great but I'll probably regret it the next day because it's Easter weekend. I'm going to be exhauted!! But like we said in college- you can sleep when you're dead! We have to have a little fun every now and then right?

Hope you're having a great day!

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