January 31, 2011

Manic Monday!

Oh my goodness! It's 3:30 in the afternoon already! This day has been crazy!!!! But Mondays usually are.

Before I get into that, here is a recap of my weekend:

Fridays are suppose to be my day off but I always seem to end up at work somehow. So I was here from 11:30 til 4 then I went home (not to the store like I said I was!) and cleaned a little. Then I went to meet Jenny and Michelle at a bar/resturant in town. Just a reminder- I am a youth director that lives in a town of less then 8,000 in Northern MN. So we're out having a few drinks and Jenny's husby come to have a bite to eat... with their 16 year old son who got confirmed at our church last spring. Now, mind you, I am two drinks in and plowing through my third. Ackward! Then Jenny said that she wanted to go to a house party at her friend Ashley's house. Ashley is the older sister of one of my 9th graders who I'm almost certain parties A LOT. There was no way I was going to that house party and taking the risk of running into my 9th grader. Thankfully we just went to another bar and not to Ashley's house. But we only went to the other bar after having 4 shots in Michelle's car. It's like being 21 again.

Saturday was pretty lazy. Mr. Boyfriend and I just hung out at home for a while. We did run over to Blaine and Molly's in the afternoon to see the new paint in their living room. Then we ran to Wal*Mart to get some groceries, hair dye :), and speakers and a subwoofer for our TV. Mr. Boyfriend had to get the speakers and the sub because Blaine has them. He's such a boy. I thought the TV sounded fine without them but I should not have told Mr. Boyfriend that!

I gave a children's sermon yesterday about the Beattitues and about happiness being an attitude not just a feeling when something good happens. I started out by talking about a bee in a garden and how he's happy with just the flowers that God has given him. Well there was one little boy that told me that bees sting you. Halfway through my sermon he asked me what happens if a bee stings a cat. Then at the end, while all of the other children were praying with me, this little boy asked me in a very serious tone why God made bees. At least he knows that God creats things. And I got to do all of this with my new microphone so that everyone could finally hear me! Then last night while I was making dinner I also made brownies and cookies for Mr. Boyfriend to take in his lunch this week. Mr. Boyfriend's uncle works with him and his wife never makes goodies for him to take in his lunch so he was pretty jealous.
Then last night I caught the final episode of the show Bridalplasty. Has anyone seen this? This show is rediculous!! The girl that won looked completely different on her wedding day then she did when she started the show. How shallow is that? I understand the "perfect" wedding part. It would be nice to have an amazing wedding planner, all of the flowers, the dress, the ring, the cake, all of it paid for. But the complete body makeover took it a little too far. Seriously- this girl had her boobs, her arms, her nose, her tummy, her legs, and her teeth done. WTF? I can't imagine what Mr. Boyfriend would say if I told him I wanted to go on a show like this. I've told him that when we're done having babies some day I'd like to get a mommy-make over but nothing like that. Don't get me wrong- this girl was beautiful. I just thought it was all a little much.

Today I updated the youth section of our church website, made, ran off, and folded my youth newsletter that I will have help stuffing and addressing tonight, and I made a blog for the church youth. But I intentionally used a different e-mail for the church blog. I have really come to enjoy this space as my own where no one really knows me. I don't have a link from my facebook, and I haven't told a lot of people about because I miss my annonymity. I like being able to do things and not have everyone in my northern town know my business. So I'm excited for this youth blog and hopefully I can get some of my kids to write in it but I'm hoping that I can continue to keep them seperate. And, I know that once I put something out there it really isn't mine anymore and anyone can look at it so sure, someone from my town or my church might see it and that's ok, but I like that it's also my space and a safe space.

I hope you're having a great day.

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