January 11, 2011

Vaccums, Flat Tires, and Love

Last night after work I went to take Molly's vaccum back, on the way to her house I thought my car was riding a little funny. I just chalked it up to the cold weather and cursed myself for not letting my car warm up more (that's what you get for being an impatient person!). But then I got to Molly's house, wrangled the vaccum out of the backseat of my two door car, shut the door and looked down at my tire- completely flat!! Good thing the only lives like a mile away from me and I didn't drive more then 30 mph on the way there! But then when I walked around the front of my car to go into her garage, I noticed that the only side was flat too! So I went inside to give her the vaccum and told her about my tires and she said I should wait for her hubby to get home so he could use the air compresser to fill my tires up. And you know me- who am I to pass up free help and a glass of wine. He got home a little while later and just aired them back up- he didn't even tell me he was doing it so I could go out and help! What a nice guy :)

Then I rushed home to watch this man on TV:

Can we just talk about this for a minute? First off- I'm not really sure why ABC invited him back to be the bachelor AGAIN!?! I think that there were lots of great guys from Ali's season that would have been a better choice for this year. But we can't dwell on that- ABC made their choice so all we can do is talk about it! And there is lots to talk about! There are some major crazies on this season!

Madison a.k.a "Vampire Girl", and Michelle who freaked out cuz she had to go on a group date on her 30th b-day and the pulled Brad away during the rose ceremony even though she already had a rose- What is that? I see another Jake and Vienna situation here!

I love Emily and Jackie. I really hope that Brad is open and understanding when Emily tells him about her past and the fact that she has a daughter. I didn't really understand Brad's problem/concern with Jackie only have 2 serious relationships in her life. She is only 27 after all. I think it shows that she isn't going to waste someone's time if she isn't interested in seriously being with them. I'm 24 and I've only had one serious relationship and as you saw in the previous post- it's pretty serious (Hello beautiful ring!). I really don't think that Brad has anything to be worried about with Jackie.
But I'm so glad that he sent these two home:

Melissa and Rachel. I thought I liked them both at the begining but they went crazy last night! All the screaming and the tears. I could kind of see Rachel's point when she asked Melissa about being totally transparent in her alone time with Brad and if she had told him about going home if she didn't get alone time. But then it got out of hand, Melissa just would not let it go. I think it's sad that Rachel had to go home because of how she came off in this situation but it's probably for the better- there was a lot of D.R.A.M.A with these two.

Last night the boyfriend and I talked about marriage. He had made a comment during the day about the ring that I like maybe being a little to much. Now, I don't want to pressure him into something that he doesn't want or isn't comfortable with. But this weekend he told me that he was comfortable with the price tag on that ring. So when he made the comment yesterday I was a little taken aback. So I wanted to talk about it, he told me that he was just messing with me. What a jerk. But that opened up a real conversation about marriage and what it means to us. He tried to act like he wasn't scared about that fact that it is forever and it's a huge commitment. I told him that I was scared shitless. Don't get me wrong, I love him A LOT and I can't wait to be a Mrs. more specifically to be his Mrs. But the fact of how huge marriage is scares me. And we have already talked about how we do take it very seriously and divorce is not an option. But it was nice to put it out there that we are scared but we're also really excited about the next step in our relationship. I love him. And while I was watching the Bachelor there was a commerical for some online dating service and it just made me even more happy that I have the boyfriend in my life.


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