January 14, 2011


People have got to stop dying! Seriously! At the church that I work at we have had 2 large (1 had 550 people at it and the other had 250 people!) funerals already this year and we'll have two more next week! 3 of those 4 people were young (less then 60)! It's so sad and it's dominating every conversation that I have had lately. And it's not just at my church, it's all over this northern town. The local funeral home had 14 funerals last week! It's rediculous!

In happier news- I got to go to my first "girls night" dinner last night with Laura, Jen, and friends like I told you about earlier this week. I have lived in this northern town for a year and half and I feel like I don't really have friends here yet so it was so nice to be able to go out with them. We had dinner then sat and talked for hours. Really- we were at the resturant for 3 hours. We laughed and joked and had a really great time. Then on the way out I saw my hairdresser and she commented how my hair was getting long again (I cut off 8 inches last June) and how it looked really nice. I love getting compliments like that.

Now I'm at Molly's waiting for her to get ready so we can go volunteer at the middle school becuase there is a dance today since it's the end of the quater. I love seeing my kiddos from church at school, it makes me feel like I'm doing a good job at work since they want to say hi to me at school. They are the reason that I do youth ministry.

Mr. Boyfriend is coming up tonight and I'm going to make him look at my car. It smells funny and today the windows started fogging up even tho I had my defroster on! My secretary thinks it's my heater coil, I really hope that that's not what's wrong with it because it would be a really expensive fix that I can't afford. Fingers crossed that it's something else... something small.


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