January 21, 2011

500 miles, lots of laughs, great friendship, and diet coke

So yesterday my friend Kristian and I left northern MN and headed for Missouri. We are going to the Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza in Kansas City, MO! A WOO HOO!!! It's probably the greatest gathering of cool people on the earth! But last night we didn't go all the way to KC we only went as far as St. Joe, MO to my aunt and uncle's house to stay the night and visit with them since I never get to see them. So we got her at like 8:30 and ended up catching up on life and drinking wine with my aunt until 1 in the morning. It was so great and so relaxing.

Our drive down was good. It included lots of laughs, the same song every time we got back in the car, my first Sonic experience, and diet coke. I love that I can just be myself and enjoy some quality time with a great friend that is in the same stage of life that I am. And it was great to catch up on life with her. Even though we only life 2 hours apart we never get to see each other. That's what happens when you both work in ministry.

I kind of feel like a bad girlfriend. Monday night Mr. Boyfriend called and I just didn't feel like talking on the phone so we only talked for like 15 mins, then Tuesday night I had a stressful church council meeting and I went to have wine with Molly afterwards so Mr. Boyfriend and I didn't really get to talk very much. Well Wed. we got to see each other since I was at my mom and dad's- but we only got to see each other for like 2 hours. Then last night we didn't talk very much since I was hanging out with my extended fam. Hopefully Mr. Boyfriend understands and he'll still love me.

Time to get ready for the day! My aunt is on the Habitat for Humanity board here in St. Joe and she's taking us with her to a house blessing this morning then we're having lunch with my aunt and uncle before we head off to KC. I'll keep you posted on all the fun later this weekend!


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