January 7, 2011


So last night after work I ran to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things then I went to Molly's house to drop off her thank you and a candle that I got for her. I really was planning on just stopping quick and going home again. But that never happens at Molly's house. We ended up chatting for a while then I stayed for dinner. Her kids are so great- they always make me laugh. Cam (10) talks about farting and buring and the scolds Molly for burping at the table. And Nat (13) laughs so annoyingly and for way longer then necessary. I really needed their laughs yesterday. You see yesterday morning there was a funeral at the church that I work at for a man that died on New Year's Day at only 45 years old (of health promblems- not a freak accident). He and his wife have 4 children ranging in age from 12 to 23. The younger 2 still live at home and are involved in church youth group stuff with me. It was so hard to watch them yesterday and try to imagine what they're going through. I cried a lot for them. I also didn't get much done yesterday, after the funeral I found it hard to focus on things. So I did what any good Lutheran woman would do and went to help the other ladies (and men) working in the kitchen. I filled coffee pots and cleared dirty dishes. It's amazing how such meanial tasks really take your attention off of what's going on and make you feel like you're doing something good for the family at the same time.

So after a rough day at church it was nice to go to Molly's and enjoy some laughter with my new northern town "family". Then they were talking about getting family pictures taken and when would work for all of them, I let them know when I'm avaliable, just incase they want me to come be in the picture too :) haha!

I was suppose to go to my friend Laura's house last night too to help her pack since her family is moving to the Twin Cities next week. But she cancelled on my cuz her little girl is sick. We resechduled for this afternoon, so hopefully little miss Grace is feeling better so I can help Laura get some things packed. Then Mr. Boyfriend and I are going over to their house tomorrow morning to help load the moving truck.

He (Mr. Boyfriend) also talked about wanting to go to the jewlery store tomorrow too to look at rings! EEK! We looked at them for the first time just before Christmas (on our 3 year anniverary acctually) and again while we were in the TC between Christmas and New Year's. But he's gotten really serious about it now. I'll keep you posted on what happens! When we visited my Grandparents over Christmas my G-ma told me that G-pa was disappointed that I didn't have a ring yet. He corrected her and said he wasn't disappoint, he just wouldn't be suprised if I got one. It makes me happy that my family likes Kris and that he likes them back! We fit in really well with each others families which is very comforting and it kind of affirms our decision to be together.

I'll let you know about rings later and how the Sioux hockey game goes- boyfriend and I are going to our first Sioux hockey game on tomorrow night!

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