August 13, 2012

WE Fest Recap!

I know y'all have been on the edge of your seats dying for my recap of WE Fest (riiigghhhttt.....) so here it is:

It was great. Always is.

Day 1, Thursday Aug. 2nd
What I wore:
Photo: We fest day 1
Dress: Wal*Mart
Belt: Maurices
Tank: Old Navy
Boots: 2nd hand store for $20 (take that Mr K! he spent $120 on his)

The view from our seats:
For real- no zoom. Thanks mom and dad!!

Who we saw:
Luke Bryan
He was SO good!! And he's easy on the eyes :)

The Mr and I during Luke Bryan

Jason Aldean

He was good but I liked Luke better. Jason is the Mr's favorite so my Mr was super happy to see him.

Day 2, Friday Aug. 3rd
What I wore:
Purple Tank top: bought it as a t-shirt at Wal*Mart then doctered it up after a Pinterest inspiration
White Tank: Old Navy
Flower Pins: made by me
Shorts: Target
Wanna-be converse tennis shoes: Wal*Mart

This was the day that it rained and rained. For real- we didn't leave the Miller Lite hospitality tent for hours. The concerts were delayed by 2 hours!
All of the guys under the blue tent work for the Miller Lite distrubter in our area. The person in the rain jacket getting a beer is Katie, one of my high school besties. Apparently she really likes her free beer :)

Who we saw:
Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.
My dad really liked them and the Mr really did not.
They were ok, not really WE Fest music but they were ok.

Toby Keith!
I had seen him twice before. Once a WE Fest and once at a concert all by himself. This was not the best that I had seen him. The Mr thinks that Toby was drunk before he even came on stage. Not the most professional way to handle a two hour rain delay.
But that didn't stop us from celebrating the Red Solo Cup with Mr Keith :)

Day 3, Saturday Aug 4th
*My favorite day!*
What I wore:
Jeans and a sweatshirt- y'all is was cold!!

Who we saw:
Little Big Town
They were so good!! I love them, a lot!

Sawyer Brown
They are so much fun. The Mr and I went to their Christmas show a few years ago at a casino. They told the crowd that people get mad when they come to a Christmas concert and the band just plays Chirstmas music. So they played a bunch of their hits then they played 4 Christmas songs in the middle and told us that we had to like them :)
They put on a really high energy show. SO fun!

Eric Church
So great!
I didn't realize how many of his songs I knew until this concert.
He's coming back next year! Yay!

One my high school besties, Katie and I

The crowd- it's insane!

And to close out the weekend:
This year was the 30th Anniversary of WE Fest. Alabama was there the first year, the 10th, the 20th and now the 30th.
They were good but I didn't know a lot of their stuff. And they put on a concert similar to George Straight, they are there to sing their music and that should be entertaining enough, ie- it isn't a really flashy show and they don't move around a whole lot.

All in all it was great! And we already bought our tickets for next year!
Can't wait to see Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and Eric Church as headliners!!

Love, Mrs. K

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  1. OMG!!! This looks amazing!! I would have been in heaven for sure!

    Great pics and glad you had fun. Next year sounds just as awesome too.