August 20, 2012

Lake Life

I have lived in NW MN for most of my life (for reals- we moved up north when I was 3). I love living here. You see- I am a water baby. When I was in elementary school my sister and I went swimming on mother's day, yes Mother's Day, the one in May. My mom came home from work that day to see my dad sitting on the dock in a sweatshirt, drinking coffee and her two daughters in the lake swimming, the same lake that had ice on it a week and a half ago. She wasn't impressed. But I thought it was great. I love the lake!!

There are 416 lakes in the county that I grew up in. 412 lakes with-in a 20 mile radius of Hometown, MN. Everyone I know either lives on the lake, has a lake cabin, or at the very least has easy access to a lake.

But then I got a big girl job after college. In one of the two counties in MN that does not have a lake. Yes, you really just read that. In the land of 10,000 plus lakes, there are two counties that do no have lakes in them. I'm in counseling for withdrawl from not having a lake nearby (kidding).

Thankfully my mom and dad have a lake cabin. That's only a 180 miles from my big girl life (sarcasm- 180 miles is a long way). And thankfully the Mr loves going there as much as I do. Life is just better when we're there. You can lay in the lake and float and work on your tan. You can have a bonfire. You can have a few drinks because you don't have to drive anywhere and no one is going to judge you. You can sleep in. You can catch up on your magazine reading (really important). You can nap. Ahhh... It's so great.

We were at the cabin this past weekend.

Along with four of my besties from high school and one of their husby's (the only one that's married- thank God that he was there for my Mr and vice versa). It was one of the best weekends ever!! And here are some pictures to prove it:

Photo: Lord help me when I actually have to travel with children someday...
This is what my trunk looked like leaving my northern town.
Lord help me when I have to travel with children some day...
Photo: Finally got to stop at this cute shop on the way to the cabin
I got to stop at this cute little shop since the Mr wasn't with me- I went on Thur and he didn't get to come down til Fri after work
Photo: New glass in action :)
I made glasses for everyone to drink out of.
More on this tomorrow- but they were a huge hit!
Photo: Putting our "southern" glasses to work
The glasses in action :)
Photo: 7 people at the lake for the weekend :)
Some of the towels and bathing suits- when 7 people are at the lake for the weekend there is a lot of stuff involved
Photo: Lake life :)
Relaxing by the fire
Isn't that like the best view ever?!
Photo: My idea of a great Sunday afternoon
One last drink at Ernie's to finish off the weekend

If the Mr and I could both get jobs near the cabin I'm pretty sure we would move there. It's just so perfect. But then it wouldn't be the cabin, it would be everyday life, and maybe that wouldn't be as great...

Love, Mrs. K

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  1. I love those glasses that you made! SO adorable!