August 6, 2012


Hi friends! I'm so sorry that I have not been good about blogging in the summer time. I missed y'all!!

I can not believe that it is August 6th already!! What?! Where did the summer go? Oh yea- camp (3 times!), Vacation Bible School, the 4th of July, a family reunion, an eleven day trip with 18 high schoolers to New Orleans, and WE Fest. Yup- that would do it.

So- in the fastest most photo heavy recap ever, here's my summer:
1st worship of the summer at camp
Sunset at camp- love that seeing this is part of my job :)
Campfire worship at camp
The theme verse of the summer
Father's day weekend at the lake cabin
Week 2 at camp- the littlest boys singing.
Making dinner Kate Gosseling style- for real, I had 9 kids to feed that night!
Learning about cake decorating at DQ during Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Waterballons for water fun Wednesday at VBS
Got to spend an afternoon at the beach with these cuties :)
Closing worship during VBS
Week 3 at camp- so peaceful early in the morning
The crew at camp from our Northern town- 3 churches
The Mr and I at a demo derby
Broken down car :(
Life is better with sandy toes
Spray paint tie die
Our New Orleans group at 6:30 am!!
Got to see the St. Louis Arch on the way
And we got to spend an afternoon at the Gulf of Mexico on the way to NOLA
Female adult leaders enjoying the beach
ELCA National Youth Gathering!!
Worship with 33,309 people! Wow!
Muffelatas in NOLA- yum-o!
Did some Habitat for Humanity work in NOLA
National Civil Rights Museum on the way home
Our last NOLA group picture- the kids saying thank you to everyone who supported them
My 2nd Sonic stop all summer :( the closest one is 5 hours away
My first time eating at Ikea!
When it's really warm out and you only have a window air conditoner in one room (your bedroom) you'll do almost anything to stay in that room.

So that's June and July 2012 for ya.
Stayed tuned for a WE Fest update later this week!

Love, Mrs. K

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  1. Wow - you've had a busy summer for sure! Looks like a ton of fun was had and great memories were made!