December 2, 2011

'Tis the Season

December is probably my favorite month of the year. I love it for so many reasons. I love that the snow (when it finally gets here) is still new so people aren't frustrated with it and it's still pretty and white, it's not dirty. I love the people are in a good mood most of the time. I love that I get to decorate my house with all the little white lights that I want. I love that we get a fresh tree and it smells so good. I love the movies on TV. I love the music.

Last night I cleaned my house and busted out the Christmas decorations and I couldn't help but notice that almost all of my decorations are "secular". And I'm kind of shallow when it comes to Christmas. I get caught up in the consumerism of it all.

I want my house to be decorated just so. I want to get people the perfect gift. I want to get the right pictures. I'm not so good at remembering why we do all of this.

I'm not so good at focusing on the time of advent and the time of waiting for Jesus. I'm not so good at being thankful for what I do have, I tend to focus on what I don't have and the things that I want. I'm not so good at listening to what God wants from me, I spend too much time telling him what I want from him. (This is true all year, not just in Advent.)

When I say that I love all of these thing about December, I should really be saying I love Jesus. And He should be first on that list...

Love, a future Mrs

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