December 20, 2011

The best $32 dollars I've ever spent

Last night the Mr and I went to Grand Forks to return some wedding gifts at JCPenny's. And to get some things at Target (I hate that I have to drive an hour to go to Target!!).

Here are the things we got at Target:
We also got new hangers for the Mr, some glasses that he wanted, a shower caddy (that we have to return because it doesn't fit right in our shower), a Mickey Mouse Christmas glass, and I got a Christmas gift for him. He got me something too but I don't know what it is and that's the way I like it :) We checked out seperately, I had everything that I just listed and all of the gift cards that we got. After the cashier rang everything up, my total was $439. Then we got 10% off anything that was still on our registry (vaccum & mixer were), then I used all of the gift cards that we got for wedding gifts. It was fun to pay that way but it was also kind of painful, I like saving gift cards, I don't know why. In the back of my mind I'm like "well I might need it for something someday..." Weird, I know. Anyway, I used the gift cards and in the end I put $31.94 on my Target credit card. Whoop-whoop!!

By far, the best $32 I've ever spent :)
Love, Mrs. K

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