December 5, 2011

O Christmas Tree, 200, and babies

Happy Monday lovlies!

How was your weekend??

Mine was great. On Friday that future Mr came to my (soon to be our) house, I made dinner, he brought in some of his boxes, then we went to a friends house for a bottle glass of wine. Thank you penny sale at Happy Harry's :) Saturday I had to get up early but the future Mr got to sleep in. He hasn't been feeling well so I decided to run errands without him. I stopped by church for the Spirit of Giving (more on that in a minute), then went to watch our friend's 6th grade boy play basketball, then Wal*Mart to get vitamin c pills for the future Mr, then tanning, then back to church for Christmas program practice with the little kiddos. They're so darn cute. Home for lunch, then we went and got our Christmas tree (apprently, I failed and haven't taken a picture of our tree yet, oops!), then off to Grand Forks to get some last minute wedding stuff and do some Christmas shopping. And dinner at Red Lobster (so what if I clean my plate? Seriously- nothing left but empty lobster shell and shrimp tales. So good.) Busy day.

Yesterday wasn't as bad. Christmas program at church in the morning. Pulled pork deliciousness for lunch, Vikings game on TV (I love them, I really do. But it is heartbreakin to be in the same situation week after week. Can they please just win one time??), nap, decorated the tree, tacos for dinner, cuddles on the couch. Then for the last time the future Mr went back to his house in our hometown. Next weekend he'll move here and live with me for good!!! Ahhhh!!!

Ok, the spirit of giving. This is an annual event that we do at our churh. We collect donations on Thursday and Friday of gently used items, we ask for Christmas/Holiday Items, outdoor/warm clothing, and blankets and the like. But we get a little bit of everything. We sort through it and it fills our felloship hall. Then on Saturday we have a free rummage sale. Yes, free. Basically it's for people that wouldn't get to have Christmas otherwise. It's pretty cool. And it was busy this year. Apparently there were people waiting to get into the church at 8 o'clock to start "shopping". Last year we figured we helped about 100 families. I haven't heard what the number is this year.


This is my 200th post!! Whoop whoop!!

When I hit 100 I did a giveaway, but life is a little busy right now.
Sorry lovlies, I promise I'll do something really cool for 300 or for my 1st blog-o-versary (Jan. 6th)


And again, no, I am not having a baby. But 123 of the blogs that I followed announced within the last 2 days that they are expecting! Oh my goodness! What's going on?? And another blog that I follow is due on Sunday, and one that I did follow, but she stopped blogging is due in Jan. It's crazy with babies around here!!

And it's no secret that I have baby fever. I've had it for a long time. All I've ever wanted to do it to be a mom. Like seriously, if I could have a baby and then another and stay home with them, I would do it in a heartbeart.

The future Mr and  I have talked about babies. We're undecided as to how many littles we want to have (more then 1, less then 5, that we can afree on). But we do know that we just want to be married for a while before we make littles. We have talked about starting to try after a yearm but should we get prego before that, never ever would we ever put an end to it. If God wants us to have a baby, we'll have a baby. (But not as many as the Duggar's have.) We've also talked about me staying home, but it all depends on our financial situation when we get to that stage of life. I would love to stay home, but it has to be the financially responsible thing to do.

Have a great Monday!
Love, a future Mrs.

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  1. Make that 4. 4 of the lovely blogging ladies I follow are now expecting. Seriously!? What is going on around here??