December 15, 2011

for lindsey at the pleated poppy

This is Alex, the ring bearer from our wedding and Tyler one of our ushers.
Aren't they cute?
Alex is the son of a friend of the Mr's and mine. He is such a cutie! I love him.
Anyway- our wedding colors were royal blue and lime green. We borrowed a tux for Alex from a friend and we could not find a tie for him that matched the "big boys".
For a while now I've been following Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy and I saw this tie in her shop that would be perfect for Alex. It's lime green with white polka dots! So cute!
I went to buy it and the shop told me that it was gone :( So I e-mailed Lindsey and she said that it was, in fact, NOT gone. Insert my happy dance here :) :) :)
So I ordered it.
And look how perfectly it matched the "big boys".
I will def be ordering from Lindsey again!
Thanks Lindsey!

Love, Mrs. K

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