December 19, 2011

Last minute Christmas crazies!

Oh my gosh! Christmas eve is 5 days away! When did that happen?? I feel like this fall has flown by- I can not believe that Christmas is this weekend. This weekend!!!! It probs doesn't help that we don't have snow yet, I think if we had snow it would feel more like Christmas.

This afternoon/evening the Mr and I are going over to Grand Forks to return some wedding gifts (we got 2 crockpots, 2 sets of the same sheets, and a broken pepper grinder) and do some Christmas shopping.

The Christmas shopping is the part that gives me a headache. I'm not sure what else to get my dad. I have no idea what to get the Mr's sister and her boyfriend, the Mr's brother said he didn't want us to get him anything because he can't afford to get gifts for everyone this year (he's a senior in college). I don't have a clue as to what we should get his dad. I don't know what my sister's boyfriend wants. We're doing a gift exchange with the Mr's family, I need a $10 gift for a woman and I don't know what to get. The only people that I'm done with are my mom, sister and grandparents. And I only have 1 thing for the Mr. And I'm not sure how to shop for him when I live with him and he doesn't have a job. When do I go? When do I wrap it?

I know that this isn't what Christmas is about and I get frustraded that I let myself get so caught up in it but I love giving the perfect gift. I love the feeling when you give someone something that they really want, I love the way their face lights up.

I also love prank gifts. We're giving the Mr's brother one of these this year. The Mr's brother goes to the U of M in the twin cities, he's a hard core Gopher fan. And we live in UND Fighting Sioux territory, and we love Sioux hockey. So we're getting a Fighting Sioux shirt that fits the Mr and then we're giving it to his brother as a joke. Hahahahaha!!!!
I think for his "real" gift we'll get him a gift card to the liquor store in our home town. That should make a 22 year old boy happy right?

I also love cute gifts. Like the one that I'm going to give my sister's boyfriend. His favorite beer is Miller Lite so I'm going to buy a 6 pack then adorn each bottle with wire cleaners to make antlers, googely eyes, and red noses so they turn into "Rein-beer". Hahahaha!
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For my bridesmaids, I'm sending them all the flip flops that I bought them for the wedding but that we couldn't find the day of the wedding :) sorry girls!

For my bestie here in my northern town I'm stumped. I have no idea what to get her.

How are y'all doing on Christmas shopping? Are you all done already?

Love, Mrs K

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