June 11, 2013

tv tuesday!

hi friends!!
i'm so sorry i've been gone for so long. life has just gotten in the way and my little slice of the internet has taken a backseat.
but i'm blogging at you today from a BRAND NEW computer!! the mr and i bit the bullet and bought a new laptop this weekend. finally!! the desktop that we have is the one that my parents bought for me when i moved to college, eight years ago. yea, it's seen better days. and now that we moved and we're actually paying for our internet instead of just sharing with the people upstairs we decided it was time for a new computer to actually make use of the high speed internet we're paying for.
anyway- long story short.
we've got a new computer. hopefully i can blog more now.
so, tv tuesday!
i've been watching the bahelorette again this season. and i can't say that i'm all that into it. i don't know if it's because it's nice out now, or if it's des, or if it's the guys. but the winter cycles are easier to watch.
loved the girlfriend drama last night.
at one point i almost felt bad for the guy- that girl would not let him get a word in and she was like a broken record.
i wasn't such a fan of the way des reacted when the weather wasn't so great for her roof top one on one date tho. who cares that it's chilly and windy? that date was more 'real life' than anything else we've seen this season.
however, i did like that she chose to have a pool party instead of a cocktail party. liked the laid back vibe it gave the episode, and it's summer now so who wouldn't want to go to a pool party?
i would!!
after the bachelorette i stayed on abc for mistresses.
two episodes in and i am hooked to this one.
it's very similar to desperate housewives. and contrary to the title, i wouldn't say that this is a show upholding and glorifying mistresses. one of the women is a widow who's husband cheated, one is single and sleeps around, one is the typical 'other woman', and one is married but cheats on her hubby and has to deal with the emotional aftermath of trying to decide if she should tell him.
it's a modern soap opera.
and i hope abc keeps it.
what are you watching this summer?
come back next week to see how i feel about next week's episodes.
love, mrs. k

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