May 20, 2013

overthinking it...

i'm an overthinker.
to the max.
that's why there aren't many things hanging up at my house. i can't decide where to hang them. will it look better here? or here? or maybe it's too big? too small?
it's why i take forever to get dressed. will i be warm? cold?
it's probably why i struggle with migranes. and why i have tense muscles in my neck and back.
i'm sure my overthing has protected me from some harm, but it's also probably caused me to miss out on some really get things too. it's pretty hard to be in the moment, enjoying things when you're thinking of what's coming next.
it causes knots in my stomach.
it keeps me awake at night.
and wakes me up in the middle of the night.
please pray for me (if you're the praying type).
i've got a few big things on my mind right now that are eating away at me.
love, mrs. k


  1. thinking of you! i'm always here if you want to talk. text {or call} any time!

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