June 20, 2013

4th of july wreath!

as promised yesterday, here is my 4th of july wreath and instructions on how to make your own!
i did get the inspirations for this at wal*mart. they had a similar wreath for display and instructions on how to make it.

this is the finished project hanging outside our door :)
first you'll need to assemble your supplies
i had the wreath laying around for last fall- i found it in the dollar aisle at target for $0.25!! but any styrofoam or green foam wreath will work. you'll need to figure out quarters of your wreath and mark them off so you can make 1/4 of it blue.
you'll need floral craft pins- i used almost 300. so get more than you think you'll need.
red, white, and blue tulle. i found sparkley blue tulle :) i used less than (1) 12.5 yard roll of blue, (1) 25 yard roll of red (the whole thing), and a similar amount of white tulle.
cut your tulle to 6.5 inch lengths
i used 50 blue pieces and probably about 100 red and 100 white
then roll each piece, one at a time & put a floral craft pin in the middle of the roll
the push the pin into your wreath form
repeat. lots of times.
once you fill the first quarter with blue, start making red & white stripes. i just eyeballed this, my stripes are not equal but that's ok.
my floral pins were longer than my wreath was deep so i needed to bend each pin on the back so it didn't stick out any & wouldn't scratch the wall.
then once i was all done, i added a piece of flannel to the back to make double sure that it wouldn't scratch the wall.
i hot glued a ribbon to hang it from. make sure that you put your ribbon in the right spot so that the flag looks right when you hang it up.
i might have had to redo my ribbon. oops.
then removed your last wreath from the doorway.
don't judge me for still having the st. pattie's day wreath up.
i never claimed to be on top of it all.
hang your new wreath,
and enjoy!!
love, mrs. k

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