June 12, 2013


no secret, the mr and moved in march for me to take a new job.
i'm starting to find my groove. but it's hard in youth ministry. my job is so relational, that i just have to get to know to know kids. and kids are hard to get to know. they're are busy people. super busy. and you have to earn their trust.
it's hard.
and it's hard to learn the in's and out's of a new congregation. learning who's good side you really want to be on, who is connected to who, and what your job really is. i have a job description, but in ministry positions the description is usually just a starting point.
and in our northern town prior to this i got to go to camp with my kids as part of my job.
i don't here.
and i'm very sad about that.
i love going to camp with kids. it is so cool to watch them 'get' it and to not have to do the heavy lifting. i know it sounds as though i'm giving away part of my job, or passing the buck but it is so amazing to watch kids form relationships with other people who are helping to guide their path and write their faith stories. it's so cool to see them look up to the college age counselors that are devoting their summers to god's work.
can you tell i used to be a camp counselor and i miss it?
i miss tan lines, sunscreen, early mornings, late nights, little pay checks, good food, silly songs, silly skits, singing dinner prayers, the waterslide & pool, bible study every after noon, staff devotions, i miss it all.
and right now i'm feeling the pull to go to camp.
the first group of kids from my northern town is at camp this week.
how could you not want to spend multiple weeks a summer here?
i'm a little jealous of my northern town kids, but i'm super happy for them.
my kids in our new town go to camp too but they don't go til mid july, and it isn't really part of my job to go with with. i'll go visit them but i won't stay for the whole week.
maybe someday i'll get to  build camp into my job more.
love, mrs. k

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