June 12, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
after a loooooong break i'm linking up with Shannon for so what Wednesday!
so what...
*if i took a break from blogging?
*if i was super jealous of the 'nannies' that picked kids up from vacation bible school at church last week? i would love to spend my summer days hanging out with two or three little kids! going to the park, the pool, the walk up dq, sunscreen, bikes, sweaty toddlers, naps, picnics, ugh... what i wouldn't give to spend my summer days doing that.
*if i count my drinks when we go out to the bar? not sure why, it's just always something i've done.
*if i'm pretty sure i have adult add?
*if i sort out the utensils when putting them in the dishwasher? in addition to add i may also have ocd...
*if i hate hate hate putting away clean laundry? i would much rather let it sit on the floor for a week and just pick out what i need then put it away.
*if we're going to the mr's 10 year high school reunion this weekend? 10 YEARS!!
*if i'm basically counting down the days until we can go to the lake for the weekend?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to see what
everyone else is 'so what-ing' this week and to link up!
love, mrs. k

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