June 17, 2013

10 years later

this weekend we went to the mr's 10 year high school reunion.
10 years!!
i keep calling him an old man ;)
friday night we met at local bar and restaurant for a meet and greet. the mr and i just live 45 miles from hometown, mn so we make it home fairly often. but it was nice to see some people that moved away and don't come home often.
the mr and i graduated from the same high school but he's two years older than me.
i recognized some people, but not very many. i was happy to see some of my friends at the same bar, not with the reunion, so i had someone to talk to.
saturday we had dinner and a dj. it was kind of weird.
the mr was not a social butterfly in high school (his words). so there weren't really a lot of people that he wanted to talk to. which i was not prepared for. when we go out for dinner or drinks he can talk to almost anyone in the place. but he kind of clammed up at this reunion. maybe it was a overwhelming for him. maybe he wasn't comfortable. i don't know.
but his reunion did do two things for me:
-made me excited for my 10 year reunion.
-made me so thankful that my mr is the way he is. i'm thankful that he wasn't one of the theater kids, or the nerdy computer boys, or the jocks, or whatever. i'm thankful he is who he is. very thankful.
and just for your enjoyment
the mr and from his senior year book.
isn't he cute?
he's got a super straight hair cut and round glasses and i've got blond hair that i tried so hard to get those scrunchy, gel-y curls/waves and a tan face (thank goodness for school pictures in sept!). don't forget my puca shell necklace and adidas t shirt :)
love, mrs. k

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