June 17, 2013

tv tuesday

as i sat by the pool with my friend ashley yesterday, we chatted about how each cycle of the bachelorette/bachelor is basically the same.
hot tub dates, over the top shenanigans, around the world trips, contestants falling in 'love' on the third date, the weird wedding episode, and on and on.
last night didn't disappoint, it was right on track.
and i'm not really into it. like so not into it, that i don't even know who the guy was that left last night.
mr. america? really? for dumb. but i did love that she and james gave up their fancy date in atlantic city to the couple that lost so much in hurricane/super storm sandy and they went for pizza and beer instead. they acted like it was spur of the moment but i'm sure it was planned. either way- i really love when they go on 'real' dates.
but mistresses- now that show has got me hooked.
i cried at the end of last night's episode and every monday i find myself saying 'is it 10 o'clock already?'
even though the ladies on this show do some questionable things and things that i don't agree with or wouldn't do myself, i still find myself feeling for them.
when there is adultery in a relationship we rarely think about the 'other' woman, or what a person goes through after they cheat on their spouse.
i cried when alyssa milano's character, savi cried because she cheated on her husband one time and doesn't know how to deal with it now. she wants to make things right and she doesn't want a relationship with the man she slept with, but she doesn't know how to handle any of those things.
the one character that i can't understand is karen the therapist.
she just needs to distance herself from her ex-lovers family and she won't.
she seems to have feelings for the son and i think it has bad news written all over it. move on with your life already.
i can't imagine how april feels. after her hubby died she found out that he had cheated and a love child had come from the relationship. and now the mistress wants part of the life insurance payment from april. oh my gosh. i would fall apart. i would not be able to go on with my day to day life.
joss, the party girl relator is in a class by herself. and not that i want to be like her but i wish i had some of her confidence. she knows what she wants and she's good at what she does. she's balls-y.
hopefully this show won't be like GCB and only last for 6 episodes. i'd really love more than that.

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