December 5, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesdayit's that time of the week again! time to link up with the lovely shannon dew for another round of so what wednesday!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i can't stop looking at my phone to see if the doctor will call yet? check out last thursday's post for an explanation.
*if i go home from work each day and promtly put on yoga pants & a sweatshirt?
*if i am meticulous about Christmas lights?
*if we've had our scentsy warmers for a whole year & i've always had the same scent in them? i just love stain sheets, even tho i have probably 12 other scents. also, i don't know how to change them... do you warm up the wax then just pour it out?
*if i use different laundry soap for sheets & towels than i do for regular clothes?
*if i don't really know what i want for christmas this year? and i don't really know what to get anyone? it doesn't help that the mr and i didn't set a budget for each other...
*if i'm a terrible blogger and told you on monday that i'd do a shop update yesterday then i didn't do it? please don't hate me!! i promise it will be soon!
*if i spent $35 at the post office yesteday? we needed stamps & i had 3 packages to send.
what are you saying so what to this week?
had on over to life after i dew to link up &
see what everyone else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

1 comment:

  1. haha you are too funny :) I work from home so my problem is staying in the yoga pants and sweatshirt all day :)
    As far as the Scentsy goes.. I take it out when its cold. You just use something to scrap should pop right out!