December 18, 2012

hey, that's pin-tastic! & our christmas card reveal

hi friends! i've been working on pinterest projects like crazy to give as gifts this christmas. but those will have to wait to be shared until next week (if i'm on the ball with pictures and posting over christmas, but let's be real- it'll probably be 2 weeks!). but here are some of my holiday pinterest ideas that i can share:

we had our elementary age (and parents!) christmas party at church this saturday. well, we were suppose to until no one showed up :( so here are the ideas that we were going to do:
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pin the nose on the reindeer. i cut out all of the pieces, taped the eyes, mouth, & antlers on the wall. i was going to let the kids color the noses. i really wanted to play this game because it's so cute!
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website with instructions
these are super cute too! sad we didn't get to make them.
the dough (?) was weird to make. it was really watery then it got kind of chunky then it turned to mashed potatos like she said it would. and it smells. not bad, but weird.

on sunday amber, our sunday school superintendent and i gave our sunday school teachers their christmas gifts. sugar scrub for the girls:
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this was actually the second time i've made this. the first time i used EVOO that i had on hand at home. this time i used light olive oil and it turned out much better. there's nothing wrong with EVOO but it made it a little more green-y whereas the light olive oil doesn't change the color of the sugar much.

my version

and sprite for the boys:
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now, for our chirstmas card reveal. not nearly as exciting as the kardashian christmas card reveal (thank the good lord they didn't do their kristmas kard reveal again this year- those were some unfortunate initials if you ask me!)
there we are :) the mr and i.
we had our pictures taken the last weekend in oct (it was super cold that day!) by one of the high school girls that went on our big trip with me this summer. isn't she great??
then i made the card on shutterfly.
love it.

love, mrs k

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  1. Love the Sprite idea :) Your card turned out great!!