December 3, 2012

hey that's pintastic/craft weekend

linking up with AP for another
round of 'hey, that's pintastic!'
this week i tried my hand at making this pin:
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pizza hot dish!
i followed the instructions from for mamas, the blog almost to a 't'.
i used a mix of mozzerela cheese and italian blend as well as some grated parm for good measure and i added a layer of pepperonis after the first layer of ground beef and i added some italian seasoning per the blog's suggestions.
delish!! i will for sure make this again!
you should try it if you haven't.
lucky you- you get to read about craft weekend today too!
this weekend my friend lacey came up for a holiday edition of craft weekend. we got so much done!! i made:
sugar scrub in 3 scents
5 coffee cup cozies (see last week's 'hey, that's pin-tastic')
2 pairs of pj pants
vinyl letter art for our bathroom wall
bunting & 5 chalkboards for the smoothie station at church
the 2nd half of my advent calendar for the blog swap i hosted
late friday night my dining room table looked like this:
craft weekend ended up being cramped a little bit because my sewing machine totally craped out! for real- there is no fixing it this time. the tread tension went out. good thing i'm getting the mr's grandma's old/new one. one of her daughters bought it for her and it has too many buttons so she doesn't like using it and she's going to let me have it :) only down side is that we aren't going home again until christmas, so i won't get it til then and i still have some sewing projects to do... good thing i have nice friends who will let me borrow theirs :)
come back tomorrow about a great craft sale announcement!!
love, mrs. k

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  1. Your sewing machine has been getting a work out! I'm gonna go look at your coffee cup cozies!

    The recipe looks great!!