December 6, 2012


got a letter in the mail from the doctor today that my heart pumping action is quite good!!
what a relief. now i don't have to worry about my heart any more.
and- the craft shop update that i've been talking about since monday!!
if you've never noticed, along the top of my blog, up on the right there, there is a button called craft shop. and just like it says, it's my little shop where i sell the crafts that i make.

if you see something you like i do sales via paypal- i'll send out an invoice and we'll go from there.

if you don't see something you like but have a project in mind, message me and i'll see if we can work something out.

here are some of my most recent projects:

the mustache infinity scarf $15
this is made out of flannel fabric (but it isn't to warm!) perfect for wrapping twice around your neck
the color block infinity scarf $18
this made out of a jersey knit fabric (feels like a t shirt)
much longer- great for wrapping around three times
coffee cup cozies- like the cardboard kind they give you but much cuter & reusable! $6 each
same 5 on each side, just front & back
they are cute on both sides so you can switch it up depending on your mood. the all have an elastic closure & buttons on each side to hold it in place.
they are made with a lining similar to what goes in a hot pad (the material is called insul-bright) so it will help keep your beverage warm & your hand from getting to hot.
so, those are my updates for now :)
let me know if you'd like to order anything!!
love, mrs k

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