December 14, 2012

things i miss, now that i'm a mrs

yesterday karla from forever newly wedded wrote a post titled 'things i miss, now that i'm a mrs.' before i read the post i was thining i bet i can relate to a bunch of things on that list! after i read it, not so much. the things she misses are things that i missed well before i was a mrs. (living at mom & dad's, not paying bills, not knowing/worrying about the economy). but it got me thinking about the things i do miss.

don't get me wrong, i love my mr (if i need to convince you just read this post from tues) and i would not trade our life for anything... ok maybe channing tatum & an iv of fountain diet coke. kidding. kind of. but seriously- i love the mr, love our life, but there are things that i miss about being a miss.

watching whatever i want on tv, whenever i want, for however long i want.
eating chips & salsa or cheeze itz for dinner.
not eating dinner until 8 pm.
sleeping in the middle of the bed.
a smaller grocery bill.

spending my money how i want on what i want.
not that there was that much extra to spend afer bills but whatever.
not having someone know all of my bathroom habits.
didn't think you needed a pic for that last one :)
but, i love being a mrs :)
love, mrs k

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  1. OMG! These are so cute :) Lately I think more about things like, did I put on deoderant? brush my teeth? is the diaper bag packed? haha!!

    I can still relate many of yours!

    Hope you'll come follow along with my blog too!!