December 11, 2012

the first year

looking back on our first year of marriage is interesting. people told me that marriage would be hard, that the wedding day was a sprint & marriage is a marathon. i won't lie to you and tell you that it's been easy, but it hasn't been as hard as i thought it would be. sure, there have been days that we've been mad at each other, there have been things that we don't agree on, there have been times that we argue, but i think we expected that. maybe because we dated for 4 years before we were married, we kind of new how to deal with the other person (for lack of a better term). or maybe because we see other people have relationships that aren't as good as ours or that have hit a rough patch and it comparrison ours isn't bad (i know that wasn't a nice thing to say, to compare my marriage to a rough one but this is my slice of the interent- take it or leave it!)

i think the fact that we can laugh at ourselves and with each other helps a lot. we laugh all the time in our house. i think it helps that one of us is hot headed and the other one is more mellow (i'll let you guess who is who). i think it helps that we do things together and seperate, like we cook & clean together and go on dates together, but i craft by myself and he hunts & fishes by himself. so we have together time but we each have activities that are our own too. i think making grown up decisions together (buying & paying for a car) has been good for us. i think the fact that we have good examples has helped us (my parents have been married 28 years, his 29, both sets of living grandparents have been married for 60+ years). i think going to church together has helped us. i think knowing that the other one is in for the long haul is good too.

i love this man
forever and ever.
love, mrs. k

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