November 30, 2012

exploding closet

i have an exploding closet because i like clothes. a lot. i have WAY more than i need. i'm telling you this because i'm looking for a better way to organize & store all of my stuff. i'm sick of fighting with my closet trying to get things in and out. let me just share with you my clothing situation in pictures:
under our bed:
long storage totes- on the left: high heels, on the right: purses & bags
at the foot of our bed- on the left: dress pants, on the right: skirts
in my closet
(the one in our room, the mr uses the front coat closet and a storage closet for his clothes):
jeans in a closet organizer that hangs from the rod that i bought at target- totally intended for use in the dorms. not a grown up closet.
 scarves: the up & down hanger has my infinity scarves & the other hangers with shower curtain hooks house all of regular scarves. yes, each hook has AT LEAST one scarf.
 side 1: shirts & tops organized by color
side 2: still organized by color. please note how far back the hangers go. dresses go after shirts.
on the floor of my closet:
my shoe rack- some are inside the front or back door because we don't wear shoes in our house.
my shoe tote- for sandals & flip flops
also in our bedroom:
piles of shirts i've gotten from work/youth events & tshirts that are not hanger worthy and a pile of pj bottoms/shorts
my makeshift dresser for tank tops, unmentionables, socks, swimsuits, leggings, & white tshirts
in the other room we have a shelf for sweatshirts & sweater- i forgot to take a pic of that. but it's about 3 feet wide with 4 shelves. i have the top 2 & the mr has the bottom 2.
isn't this insane!
how do you organize your clothes/closet?
any suggestions on how to organize mine?
love, mrs. k

ps- everything with my echo went well yesterday. the doctor will read the results today and call me within a week to let me know how it looks. thanks for your thoughts & prayers!

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