November 5, 2012

hey that's pin-tastic! halloween edition

linking up with AP for 'hey, that's pin-tastic' again!!
this week i'm sharing my very pin-tastic halloween.
way back in Aug. when my loved one was in the hospital i saw this pin
Pinned Image
*the pin does not take you to a link, just a picutre :(
and i thought it would be a great halloween costume as well as an easy project to work on while we were waiting around the hospital.
so my sister & i bought the supplies, i made a tutu, she didn't. and we didn't spend halloween together anyways so it's ok.
and here's how my cosutme turned out:
tiara- check
paci- check
tutu- ckeck (ps- the mr always gets confused and calls this a tiara)
tights- check
folded over white socks- check
i think i rocked it.
but we just stayed home so it kind of went to waste. i handed out candy and sat on the couch watching hocus pocus. then halloween, against my will.
i had also pinned this thinking it would be super fun to do on halloween night:
Pinned Image
*this pin also takes you no where. ugh! i hate that!
this pin-tastic project did not go as well. with our street light and our porch light it was no where near dark enough for the glow-y stuff to show up :( and that glow-y stuff is super hard to get out of the necklace or whatever you start with!!
i think i ended up with more on my hands than on the front steps!
that's my hand- you can kind of see all of the glow-y stuff on it. that stuff stinks like nothing else!!
that was all that i was able to get out of them. maybe it would've worked better if i would have actually cut them instead of just trying to break them.
head on over to ilymtc to see everyone else's projects!
love mrs. k
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