November 8, 2012

so, i married an introvert

somedays i think i was born in the wrong decade. don't get me wrong- i love life here in 2012. but all i've ever wanted to do is be a wife and a mommy. seriously- ask my mom. well, except for that time in fourth grade when we had to draw pictures of what we wanted to be when we grew up for the year book and i drew a picture of a bartender (better than this kid, who wants to 'shovel' when they grow up). my mom was and still is a bartenter and i wanted to be like here. whatever, don't judge me.

getting back on topic. all i've ever wanted to be is a wife and mommy. preferably in the 1940's or 50's. i know i'm glamourizing it in my mind and that every decade has it's problems. but part of me loves the idea of the husband/father being the head of the household and making decisions. the same part loves the idea of cooking and baking for my family, having dinner on the table when the mr gets home, wearing dresses and aprons. love it.

then reality rears her ugly head. well, reality and the presidental elections. you see, the mr and i are on opposite sides of the political fence. it doesn't matter who is on which side or why we are there (that's not what this blog is about) but suffice to say, we're on different sides. my ideal little housewife world wouldn't be so great in this situation. i don't want to have to vote the way that he does. i'm very greatful that we can have different views.

and then i think about that pin-tastic dinner party we hosted a few weeks ago. if we lived in my ideal little housewife world that never would have happened!! you see, the mr is an interovert. big time. when everyone left we were both exhausted, but in different ways. he was stressed out exhausted and worried about all the dishes. i had a full heart and was exhausted from all of the great conversations we had. make sense? if it was just up to him we wouldn't have people over. thankfully, my introvert hubby and i don't live in the 40's or 50's and we both get a say in how things go (and we both have household responsibilities!).

love, mrs. k

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