November 27, 2012

thanksgiving 2012 in numbers

'normal' recap posts bore me so this year this is what you get, our thanksgiving in numbers:

thanksgiving dinners i consumed: 3 *not counting left overs
miles driven by me & the mr: 860
nights in a hotel: 3
times i went down the waterslide: 1
times i got to hold my cousin's baby: 2
dollars spent on fabric on black friday: $95 *now taking orders for infinity scarves & coffee cozies!
rounds of shit on your neighbor played: 10
pies baked on thanksgiving: 6 (+1 cheesecake)
pies left over: 5 1/2 (+ 1/2 cheesecake)
people at mr's family thanksgiving on wed: 21- we were only missing 10!!
people at my family thanksgiving on thur: 21+ the baby in anna's belly- we were only missing 1
times my sister and i fought: 0!
hugs i got: 100's probably :)
weird dreams i had: 5
brueggers bagels consumed: 1
brueggers bagles bought to bring home: 6
trips to target: 1 :( not enough
christmas presents bought: 1
tickets i won at dave & busters: 668
temperature range: 60* above to 0*
trips to starbucks: 1- my tastebuds are sad but my waist line & checkbook are happy
so that was our thanksgiving.
hope you remembered all that you're thankful for this year!
love, mrs. k

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