July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

157 days to go!
This week: engagement pictures, invites, and wedding reviews round #1!

Back in early June the future Mr. and I met up with my b-maid Tasha to take engagement pictures. She mailed them to us last week and we love them!
Here are a few of our fav.s:

These first three were taken in my mom and dad's backyard
I think this one is my favorite

These three were taken in the city park

These last 4 were taken on a dead end road a little ways out of town.
I had to beg him to take this last picture and I'm so glad that I did. Isn't it funny?


In other wedding news, now that we have these pictures we can pick save the dates. We're doing magnets from magnetstreet.com. But we are having a hard time deciding what we want. We also need to pick our invites and get them ordered. I'm kind of hoping that the weather isn't so nice tomorrow so that I can get some things done. With the weather as nice as it's been all I want to do is lay out in the sun, I have no ambition to do the errands that I have to take care of! We picked out a Carlson Craft invite that we like but I have to go see if the printing place in town can do something a little different with is. The one from CC has faint flowers behind the words and we would like faint snowflakes instead since we're getting married in Dec.

Hopefully before I leave on Sunday we'll have both of those things picked and ordered.


So like I've mentioned before, this summer the future Mr. and I have 5 weddings to go to. Yes, 5. And yes, I'm taking notes on what I like and don't like. And I've decided to share some of those notes with you ala 4 Weddings from TLC. I'll be giving each wedding an overall experience score, a dress score, a food score and a venue score.

Wedding #1: Sarah and Vigil, June 25th
Experience: 7. It was a nice wedding. But it didn't feel very wedding-y. There wasn't a lot of dancing at the reception and things felt a little unorganized (ie- what order to tables eat in, what are you doing after dinner, who is dancing with who when, etc.). But the garter toss was hilarious! They did it where if a guy threw money in the garter went farther up her leg but if a woman threw money in it went closer towards the floor. So funny!!
Dress: 9. Sarah's dress was beautiful! And it fit her perfectly. The only reason is wasn't an 10 is because the dress was bustled on the outside and I prefer it on the inside. And the bustle had like 5 hooks across her butt.
Food: 7. The food was good but it wasn't really wedding food. We had pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, and garlic mashed potatos. I suppose it was very fitting for the couple. They are a laid back couple (it took them 13 years to get to the alter), and they don't really do "fancy". But I expected more at a wedding. And it was a buffet. I prefer plated meals but I understand the cost/server issue. But they only had one serving line for the buffet. It took a pretty long time to get people through. If we do a buffet I hope the Holiday Inn has a better set up so people don't have to wait so much.
Venue: 7. The ceremony was in a small country church, which was an interesting choice being that the groom is one of 11 children. But it was pretty and well decorated (ie- minimal decorations). The dinner and dance were at the American Legion. The AL is nice for what it is but it's small and most of the people hung out outside smoking. I wish more people would have stayed inside and danced.

Overall I'd give Sarah and Vigrl an 8 out of 10. They were true to who they are, but it isn't what I could choose for our wedding.

Wedding #2: Pat and Matie, July 2nd
This one I'm going to have  hard time judging. We only went to an hour of hte reception.
But I'll give you my observations:
*The bride was beautiful. Her dress was similar to mine and she wore it very well. But she had too much eye make-up on and since it was so warm it looked kinda smudgy.
*The groom had too much to drink. I told the future Mr. that will NOT be happening at our wedding.
*The bridesmaids all had different dresses in the same color. I'm not a fan of this. Mine will be dressed a like.
*Who gets married on a holiday weekend?
*I didn't like their DJ- he talked to much.
*They had beautiful big paper-y/billow-y flowers that I really want to figure out how to make for my wedding. I know when I was talking about invites I said I wanted snowfalkes not flowers but these were beautiful. Maybe I can use them some where else...

I know that was a lot to digest for a WW but I had some catching up to do and these's no promises about my interenet connection next week as I'll be back at camp.

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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  1. LOL I love how you are rating the weddings like the TLC show! Isn't going to weddings the best way to "research"? By the way, your engagement pictures are fantastic :-)