July 7, 2011

birthdays, bloddy noses, and bagels

My future MIL's b-day was Tuesday. Yesterday I took her, my mom, and my sister out to lunch. It was so nice. We went to a bar and grill on the lake about 5 miles from my parents house. We sat outside, enjoyed the sun, wings, chicken sandwiches, a fruity drink, and we talked wedding :) I love talking wedding. But man, did those women have a lot of questions for me that I hadn't really thought about yet. I don't know what color vests I want the groomsmen to wear, I hadn't really thought about long ties vs. bow ties (I made the quick decision to go with long ties), I don't know what order I want my girls to walk in, I don't know if I want the guys to walk in with the girls or stand up front with the future Mr., I don't know what we're going to serve for dinner, I don't know where in the Holiday Inn I want to put the guest book/gift table, I was over whelmed. I do know that I love my future Mr, that we're getting married on Dec 10, that I'm wearing a beautiful ivory colored dress, and that it will be a great day.

After lunch we all went to my future MIL's house to see her dress for the wedding. It's a deep purple-y eggplant color. It's really pretty and it's really her. It kind of freaked my mom out though because she doesn't have a dress yet.

Last night was my future MIL's birthday party, at their house. All of her siblings were there (she's the oldest of 7!!), both of her parents were there, my future Mr's other grandma was there, and all but 2 of his cousin's were there. It was crazy busy. All in all I think there were 28 people there. When I first started going to family functions it was overwhelming. I have 5 cousins. Total. Both sides combined. My future Mr. has 5 cousins from one set of aunt and uncles.

The injury of the night was a bloody nose caused by a bean bag to the face. Last year it was sparks from a firework on a t shirt, the year before that it was bug spray in the eyes. With that many people together and that many kids theres always bound to be something.

I love the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from McDonalds. I know it's terribly bad for me, and I know that by eating them I am doing nothing to help myself fit into my dress. But they're sooo good!! The future Mr. and I have tried to make them before and they just didn't turn out right. So I decided that I would try again today. I had to go to WalMart to get shampoo and toothpaste anyway so I thought I'd pick up some bacon and Hollandaise sauce. Well I couldn't find any Hollandaise sauce. So I looked up the recipe on my new iPhone and decided that I would try making my own sauce. It's pretty hard to make. There are only like 4 ingredients but you have to get it just right. Mine was just ok. Not great, but ok. My sandwich, like my sauce, was ok. Not great, but ok. And it wasn't quiet like the one from McDon's. I'll just have to keep trying. At least when I make it at home I know what goes into it. Maybe next time I'll use just egg white for my sandwich, that'll cut back on some of the bad stuff.

Off to run wedding errands!
Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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