July 18, 2011

I'm back!!

Sorry being abasent last week/this weekend! Like I've said before this summer- it's nice to be "unplugged" and to take a break for the computer but three weeks is enough for me! I'm ready to be back in my office and get back to my somewhat 'normal' life. Too bad that isn't happening just yet.

We still have 3 days of camp, a mini mission trip, and a couple youth groups (not to meniton any of the crazyness/driving all over northern MN that is my personal life) to get through before we're back to 'normal'. Which isn't really all that normal anway. I don't know how anyone can be a youth director, be married, and have kids. I have a hard enough time taking care of myself while doing this job, hopefully I can take care of a husband, we'll talk about taking care of kids later.

So, after leaving camp on Friday and getting back to this northern town that I call home, I had to take a shower, it is wicked hot here and we're having problems with the AC in the church van. I had literally sweat through my bra, tank top, and t shirt. Yuck. So I showered quick then while I was getting ready, Emily, Molly's daughter came over to my house to water my plants, she let herself in with the key that I gave her, I was in my towel. It was ackward. I felt bad for her. Oh well, we'll call it preparation because she's moving into the dorms in just a few weeks :)

After I showered I hightailed it to my mom and dad's to hang out with my future Mr. for a while. He took me to the mexican place for dinner then we went to my mom's bar for a drink. And while we were there I ran into a friend from high school that I haven't seen in probably 2 years! It was so nice to catch up on life with her.

Then Saturday I got up and got ready then headed to Fargo for my friend Becky's bachelorette party. But first I went to the mall to get her a gift and to get my ring cleaned and inspected. That means it's been 6 months since the future Mr. bought it for me!! It is so pretty and spakely! I didn't think it was all that dirty when I gave it to the lady but when she gave it back I was blown away. But then it was weird to think that the next time I'm scheduled to get it cleaned and inspected I will be a Mrs. Ahhh!!

After the mall I went to Becky and Rachel's apartement for dinner/gifts/preparty before the party bus came to get us a 8. The bus was promt and on time but the AC was broken. It was hotter on the bus then it was outside. We are in a heat index warning in this part of the country. It was horrible. I'm pretty sure I sweat out what booze I had drank, and with it I sweat out my buzz and my hangover. I was happy that I had sweat out the hangover. It made my drive home yesterday much less miserable.

We party bused for a while then went out in downtown Fargo where I felt old. I was not into the crowded dance floor, the loud music, the flashing lights, the girls walking around selling shots, I wasn't into any of it. I felt lame. Oh well. Maybe I am old and lame. I'm ok with it. Then my sister picked me up, she's such a great sober cab. Except that she wanted to go stay at her boyfirend's house instead of her house. So I had to sleep on a couch instead of having a double bed all to myself. Whatever, I'm over it.

Yesterday my sister and I had lunch with my friend Ashley (Hi Ashley!!) then Katie and I wandered around JCPenny's before she had to go to work. I got a new set of workout shorts (black) and tank top (pink). I had great intentions to get up and go for a nice walk this morning before work and before it got to hot but after the craziness of driving all over northwest MN and sleeping everywhere except my own bed, I literally could not get out of my bed until I HAD to. Oh well, we have youth group tonight and we're going ice block (kind of like sledding but with a 5 lb block of ice in the summer instead of a sled in the winter) so I'm sure walking back up the hill will be a work out, and there's always tomorrow for a walk with my new cute outfit (which matches my tennis shoes!!).

I hope you had a great weekend, that you're having a great day, and that you are staying cool in this heat!
Love, a future Mrs.

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