July 5, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for the unexpected absence from the blogging world. After I blogged last Monday at camp my computer decided not to work any more. For the rest of the week. I was not impressed. But it meant that I didn't have to answer e-mails. I wasn't worried about who said what on facebook. I was a little worried about missing out on reading blogs and adding to my blog but it was a nice break.

The rest of camp was great! It was so beautiful out. It got a little hot on Thursday afternoon but we just kept reminding the kids to drink water then I bought the 6 from my church ice cream at canteen. On Friday I took them home and the air conditioning in our church van is kind of shotty. It blew nice and cool on my hands but the rest of my body was warm and sweaty. And the kids were warm and sweaty. Which meant that the van stunk like BO. Teenage boy BO. Yuck. After I dropped them at church I went to my house and unpacked then repacked to go home to my parent's house. The future Mr. and I spent most of the weekend at the campgroud that his buddy helps run, and where a lot of our friends camp. So we hopped from camper to camper visiting and having some adult beverages. It was so much fun to catch up with people and to enjoy the nice weather.

Yesterday for the 4th we basically hung around my mom and dad's. Dad and the future Mr. went for a bike ride on my dad's old Schwinn bikes down to the beach to check out the "hot hunnies" (My dad's word's exactly). So my sister and I went for a walk to check out the ripped dudes :) We made it down to the beach where we ran into some family friends and hung out on their boat. So not much "dude" watching. Then we came home to grill dinner. I made bacon ranch burgers. They were really good. I took a dry ranch packet and mixed it into the ground beef then I fried up some bacon, cut it up and added it to the ranch-y beef. Then the future Mr. grilled them. Yum-O! I also made 4th of July cupcakes. I used regular white cake mix (from a box) and made cup cakes. Then I used white frosting and put it in a gallon zip-lock baggie that I had cut the corner off of and I piped it onto the cupcakes. And I got red and blue sprinkles that had stars in them too! They were way cute. And yummie.

After dinner we walked down to the beach to watch the fireworks. My parents only live a block from the city beach (it's a mile long beach!) and the city sets off fireworks from a barge in the middle of hte lake that only gets used for fireworks and was built for fireworks. It's very cool. This year is seemed like the barge was closer to shore. And the bugs were terrible. After the fireworks we visited with a few of my high school buddies then we had to book it home cuz it started to rain. Mom and I sat in the dining room and watched the storm.

It's beautiful and sunny again today in northern MN. My sister and I are going to do the first leg of the Zorbaz tour today. Zorbaz is a pizza and mexican resturant chain in northern MN that had 9 locations. If you go to all 9 in one calendar year they give you a free t shirt. They have Zorbaz Pazzportz (they replace every s with a z) so they know if you've been to all of them. Well Katie and I are going to 5 of them today. And the other 4 on Friday then we'll stay at the cabin on Friday night before we head to the twin cities for my cousins wedding. I'll give you an update on the Zorbaz tour tomorrow.

I hope you had a great 4th of July and that you're having a great day!!

Love, a future Mrs.

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