July 31, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with Shannon for another go 'round-
so what...
*if this is my first post this week? i got to go to bible camp earlier this week with kids from church. sorry friends, but that totally trumps blogging.
*if i only use the self check-outs at wal*mart?
*if today can not go fast enough? because my weekend starts tomorrow and i'm going here.
be jealous.
but follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up with the action :)
*if i prefer our bed to almost all other beds in the whole world?
*if i've got 7 new pair of shorts this summer? oops.
*if i found a new maxi dress that i want but didn't want to spend $45 on it so i went to joann fabric and got supplies to make my own? come back next week for an update!
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and see what
everyone else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could use the self checkouts at Walmart. Every time I try I end up getting a stupid flashing light for assistance thing. Drives me insane. I usually don't even bother if I have over 3 or 4 things LOL

    I'm SOOO jealous of your weekend.....ENJOY!!!

    Can't wait to see your Maxi. I totally wish I knew how to sew. I'm totally jealous of that too :)

    Oh and I'm your newest follower!!!!

    Have a great weekend!