July 22, 2013

project pinterest

it's been a while since we've done a project pinterest update around here.
but i've still been doing things off of pinterest- here are a few of them:
YOGURT POPS  "Cake Pop" pan to good use. Fat Free Strawberry Yogurt and placed it in a plastic baggie for easy pouring. Clamped the cake pop pan with the two yellow rubber clips it came with...Filled the cake pop pan Make sure you shake and bang on the table or you will get air bubbles and add pop sticks when they are full. {Freeze} They are ready in an hour.  If they stick you can fill up your sink with warm water and place pan in the water just for a few seconds.
yogurt cake pops- these were a huge hit! and so much easier than real cake pops.
Must do!
messy twister was so much fun! for the first few spins. then it got to be too messy and you couldn't stand up anymore. it basically just dissolved into seeing how much paint you could get on other people. one boy went home from youth group with paint in his ear. oops.
Sidewalk paint
liquid chalk- big hit and more fun the regular chalk. feels cool when it dries too.
perfect bubbles via @petit_elefant
giant bubbles? i couldn't even make regular bubble with this recipe.
but it did look pretty cool when i dumped it out, i kind of threw the liquid in the bucket out onto the grass and it was like a stream of bubbles came out of the bucket.
Pour Capri Sun into popsicle mold, add sliced fruit, then freeze!
fruit pops- another super easy and yummie summer snack. the pin suggested using capri sun but i just used regular apple juice. i used canned mandarin oranges, grapes, strawberries, and apples in my pops.
 S’mores Bars
s'mores bars. these were super easy to make and they're ok. they don't really taste like s'mores though, not even close to an acceptable substitute. if you make these- be sure to watch close when you put them under the broiler- they will brown quickly!! my kitchen was kind of smokey because i left them in a little bit too long.
sorry i don't have any of my own pictures of these things. i have been so bad about taking pictures this summer.
**links to all these posts/pins/projects can be found on my pinterest boards**
love, mrs. k

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