July 8, 2013

i'm not proud of that...

i try to be a good wife. i really do.
and most of the time, i do a good job. i cook things that he likes to eat, i bake him homemade cookies to take in his lunch, i tell him when he does things that i really appreciate, i thank him for knowing how to fix small things, i try not to say no to often, i wear my hair the way he likes it (not that i don't like it that way too), i could go on.
and he is a GREAT husband. i'm sure that if we both made a list of what makes our spouse great my list about him would be longer than his about me.
because sometimes i do things i'm really not proud of.
like calling him a pansy.
yes, i called my husband that to his face. all because i was trying to get him to do what i wanted him to do and what i thought was best.
why did i feel the need to do that?? was it really so important that he did what i wanted him to do? i'm sure we would've come to the same outcome on the matter if he did it his way.
i apologized, but that doesn't change the fact that i said it. ugh.
seriously- isn't he the cutest? i'm so lucky.
now, if i could just get my ego & attitude in check and stop saying stupid things to get my way i'd be a lot better off.
love, mrs. k


  1. We all say things where we wished wouldn't have said it. Im sure your husband knows that you didn't mean it!! And I am very sure that if he saw this blog post he would realize how bad you feel about it! We all make mistakes, I am sure he will forget about it as you make more wonderful memories!

  2. You are so honest!!! I appreciate that about you!

  3. Argh, I can totally relate to this. I have the more dominant personality in our marriage and sometimes it brings out the worst in me. Thanks for the reminder to give my husband a huge hug and tell him how awesome he is when he gets home :)

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