August 5, 2013

from inspiration to creation

this is kind of along the same vein as project pinterest only my inspiration didn't come from pinterest this time.
a little over a week ago, we were in hometown, mn and i decided to wander around some shops downtown. and wouldn't you know it- i found some great things that i really wanted to take home with me. including a great new maxi dress.
but it was $44.
the next day, back in our new town, i was browsing at joann's with a friend. and inspiration hit. i could make myself a maxi dress just like the one i fell in love with. and probably for a lot less than $44.
so i found the fabric i needed. two different color blues, got thread to match, 1 1/4" elastic for the top, thin elastic to go under my bust, and $35 later i was set to sew.
the one from the cute little shop on the right, mine on the left
i like how it turned out but good lord was that a lot of work! and i think the one from the shop is more flattering.
chevron is hard yo. and they are going across my legs, not down hill.
and for what i spent on fabric and time making it, i probably should've just bought it. but i think i'll keep tweaking this one. the bust area needs to be a little tighter on the one that i made. i know it's a maxi dress but it looks a little too hippie and flow-ey for me.
and i need a new strapless bra. mine sucks.
but i overestimated how much fabric i needed so i have enough to make another one.
not sure if i'll make another dress or find another project that i could use jersey knit fabric for...
love, mrs. k

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  1. I just credit you for trying! I think it's adorable..I've always wanted to learn how to sew but I know I don't have the time or patience.